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pme Familienservice

Live Event. Concept. Production. Media production.


Street festival, live acts, travel logistics with buses, digital participant management via app, print, digital media elements


pme Familienservice GmbH



Main Objective

pme Familienservice was founded in 1993. Based on the 30th anniversary, the largest employee meeting of all time took place, and was followed by a celebration with all 1500 employees in 2023. The aim was to create an unforgettable event for the colleagues from all over Germany, including a contemporary, fully digital participant management system.


The concept

The very young average age of pme employees called for a slightly different concept than a traditional staff meeting. That's why we didn't want to plan a "normal" customer event, but rather a street festival with various functional areas and several stages for live acts. From the main stage, with one of Germany's biggest party bands, to an alternative stage with hip DJs and live acts with a more underground vibe, to very exciting street musicians on a third floor, we created a mixture that every guest would remember.

The musical acts were flanked by a "market of opportunities" where internal customer information was presented. There was also an ice cream robot, mobile acts such as a magician, a classic buffet with additional street food trucks in the outdoor area and many other small highlights.

Our Bemotiv event app was used to make registration as convenient as possible, with queries about eating habits, food intolerances and automated hotel allocation.

30 Jahre pme -466.jpg

The result was one of the most amazing events we have ever planned.

It's not common that the customer considers at 4 o'clock in the morning if the event can be extended a little longer ..., it was a lavish party, the likes of which we have never experienced before.

Authentic. Emotionally.

Let's create something extraordinary together. Inquire now and realize the next project together with us.

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