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Three teams with their own types
of character, one passion.

When a thinker meets a doer, an all-rounder meets a specialist, and planner meets a creative, good things get even better: Something truly unique is created.

Together we create credible and distinctive communication that presents and showcases brands, products, and services in an extraordinary way.

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The concepter.

Timo Strobel and his team


Good communication does not please everyone but is meant for those it is intended to reach. This creates a challenge that we face consciously and courageously. Because only those who have the courage to venture forth and enter uncharted territory can design something extraordinary and create a meaningful impact.

The products of our customers are unique just like our approach in presenting them is. We develop ideas that make the difference: between good and very good, between ordinary and extraordinary, and between conservative and innovative.

We develop 
• Animation

• Video

• Exhibition stands

• Augmented/Virtual reality

• Presentations

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The storyteller.

Patrick Gilles and his team


People are always interested in engaging stories that are beautifully told, spot on, and to the point.  Even when words reach their limits. This creates unique stories that captivate every audience. Good stories are vivid and easy to follow. They reach our minds but most importantly touch our hearts.

To present them, we not only take on briefings but also dive deeply into the products and requirements of our customers. This is what our customers need and appreciate us for and why they like to tell our stories.

We develop 

• Concepts

• Storyflows 

• Storyboards 

• Event management

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The Producer.

Alexander Prokosch and his team

Having a good idea alone is not enough. It only comes to life when it is realized. An idea hast to be targeted and orchestrated with the perfect interplay of measures that are effective.

We work closely together with storytellers and concept designers to develop ideas even further, bring logic and communication style in sync, and ensure a common thread.

 We also plan, book, and organize everything that needs to be done. This creates a unique and authentic experience that reaches the heart and mind and exceeds expectations.

We plan 
• Digital Live Events

• Events / Functions

• Conferences / Training

• Exhibition Stands

• Live Communication at the POS


That’s how we help you to get singularity on its feet. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can assist you with your next project.

Our customers:

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What our customers say

“The people from Bemotiv manage to go into such depth with their expertise, which is what makes a collaboration on an unimagined eye level between us and the agency possible. Very few can do that - Bemotiv can. Respect!" 

Dr. Andreas Mack, President Global Marketing, Freudenberg / vileda

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