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P&G – Pampers Plant Euskirchen

Live Event. Concept. Production. Media production.


Team building, communication of cultural guidelines (CBN deployment), catering, travel logistics with buses, print, video animation, digital media elements


P&G Manufacturing GmbH




Main Objective

In a plant that never stands still, it is a major challenge to bring all 2000 employees together for an event on the same day. Our task was to design and realize a team-building event for all 2000 employees as part of the communication of the company's internal cultural guidelines.


The concept

As a team building method, we had planned an XXL chain reaction. Instead of consuming the content from the stage unidirectionally, the employees were able to help shaping the day and the overall result themselves and develop the topics of the guidelines in a playful way.

The individual sections of the chain reaction were to be built up in groups and then linked together to form a functioning reaction. To do this, the individual teams had to communicate with each other in order to plan and implement the transfer of the impulse from one station to another.

By reorganizing the working groups several times, it was possible to create a maximum exchange between the employees and increase communication within the teams. The content of the cultural guidelines was thereby made tangible and literally graspable to the participants in order to strengthen communication between employees and the sense of unity.


The result

2000 participants were divided into 3 groups, which set up and tested a total of 99 sections in 6.5 hours, to follow the chain reaction process together at the end. The cooperation within and between the diverse working groups – from trainees to managers – was highly motivating and the sense of togetherness was clearly noticeable.


As not everyone could follow the entire process with such a large number of participants, the whole event was broadcasted in real time on three large LED screens. The atmosphere during the chain reaction was sensational and the entire event will not be forgotten by everyone for a long time.

Authentic. Emotionally.

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